reusable chase nodes

@Grazer and company, I have noticed you use extractors for enemy chases, and its cool. So i have been experimenting a bit and I tried something new. I replaced the two extractors that find the X/Y nodes for the target it chases after with one Proximity node. so it doesn’t just work on a single level, It works on any level its on! However, the chase is only ranged, but taking advantage means that it doesn’t go across the map to get to you. Its best to apply a animation for when its not active.

BUT- if its also top-down, you can make the sprite match its forward, and connect a proximity to a point-at, and rig it to turn on a switch make it move in the direction of the character

an example here. Just as a side note, how is Temple explorer 2?
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Can u just explain?

nvm found the solution