Revenge- the RPG

Here comes an RPG with a fully developed story! Revenge. Play through the eyes of Sam as he tries to save the world (and himself) from the shadow dimension- a eerie world with evil versions of our worlds inhabitants.

Warning- may not be out yet, but will soon be in the comments

The game will also render some 3D.
Includes an old style battle system, Dungeons, multiple game modes (platformer, runner, top down, and shooter)

this concept seems pretty cool, I’m pretty exited for a game like this!

For those wanting to check out the game’s progress- you may have a look. Potential spoilers- you have been warned

neat, the intro gave me a good laugh.

Yeah. Forgot to mention about the comedy spin I added

Awesome Games!!!

Next update (not now) will consist of battles. Be aware this update will include game overs. And will make you completely restart. I really want @grazer to make saves- like storing data to the browsers cookies so you can load save data and not start over every time you die. See us later

I wish grazer would add that too, it would be great for my game! I feel like if it was possible/ not really hard, he would have added it seeing as he has been requested of this for a while now.

Added battles- but I need help from @grazer

My health bar in the GUI uses “go to” to work, but it doesn’t want to work. So the user has unlimited health.

Heads up. Boss fights are special. Because you are in a fight, but you dodge attacks on their turn

Health is back up

Added sound effects for the fights