Review/Constructive Criticism for my game

Hello, everybody!

I’ve made a small game that I am very proud of. I have posted it on a number of review topics, and unfortunately, none of them were able to review it. I would really appreciate it if someone (or a few someones) were able to review it, and give it some suggestions.

The game is called Gravity Prism, and the link is here: Flowlab Game Creator - Gravity Prism


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I love the concept, in level one it’s almost impossible to do the second jump though, also you instantly die in level 9 because you spawn next to the red. Very fun, reminds me of cool math no offense, pretty good though!

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Oh, very fun! I love games such as these personally. Very addicting for this Bard. May I suggest, as a suggestion only, that improving the art and aesthetic may make it more enjoyable?

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That is a good idea… the only problem being that I am not very good at game art and sprite design… so simple sprites are easier for me. However, if you have any tutorial recommendations, I can certainly try to upgrade the game’s art!

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Do you mean YouTube tutorials and such? If so, here is one that I learned from.

I hope I have been able to help. Your gave is very diverting, and I look forward to seeing ways you may yet improve upon it! :sparkles:


Thank you so much! I will definitely use the techniques I have learned in my game.

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You’re very welcome, I am glad I could be of assistance!

If anyone else has any criticism, or reviews, I am still definitely open to them!

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