Rezarg's SpeedQuest - Update v2


SpeedQuest is a Platformer game where you play as a Rolling Robot.
Traverse through the worlds. Combine quick rolling with wall jumping and other Abilities to get the fastest time!

Play Here: Flowlab Game Creator - SpeedQuest

Update v2:

  • Update Movement. Hopefully made it more fluent and less buggy.
  • Added a few Optimizations to the Gravity and Friction. (Ramps are easier to climb, etc.)
  • Added a few Optimizations in General. (To increase FPS… Hopefully…)
  • Added End Locations to the Levels so it’s not an invisible finish block anymore.
  • Fixed Timer position bug. (Hopefully…)
  • Fixed player’s directional face and idle face. Before, it would show you’re moving downwards when you were standing still. However, this has since been fixed.
  • Increased speed of the game from 1x to 1.33x (To make it more fast paced.)
  • + A few more small fixes.

Feel free to post Reviews and/or Suggestions below.
This game was designed with speed-running in mind. So if you want, feel free to share your times below.


I improved my time on the first level to 27.2

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Good job :+1:
I’m not sure what my time on the first level is, since I haven’t tried speedrunning the first level after I made the change to it.

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Also, why do I need to hit the ending twice before it takes me to the next level?

What do you mean? When you hit it, it should play a sound, then take you to the next level… Can you send a video or anything?

Ohhh I have my sound off

Lol <20characters :frowning: >

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