Rezarg's SpeedQuest


SpeedQuest is a Platformer game where you play as a Rolling Robot.
Traverse through the worlds. Combine quick rolling with wall jumping and other Abilities to get the fastest time!

Play Here: Flowlab Game Creator - SpeedQuest

Feel free to post Reviews and/or Suggestions below.
This game was designed with speed-running in mind. So if you want, feel free to share your times below.


Quick Note: If your timer looks like the image below, refresh the page.
The timer still works, it’s just a visual bug.


Great player design choices, but how do I get past this part?
I don’t see a way to the top platform on the left.

You have to wall jump off of the wall that the player’s hugging on the right, then land on the platform to the left while rolling left to keep speed, then jump when you get to the edge, and make it to the platform to the left of the spawn point. Does that make sense?

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That does make sense, but it doesn’t seem possible.
Mp4 Video ^
Hope that helps.
I should probably think about making some changes to the first level. It’s pretty difficult for new players as the first level.

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Whoa, how did you do that?

Yeah, definitely. Some of my first levels were more difficult than their successors too and I had to change that. Better for the player to quit for the time being and try again later in the middle of the game than the start of the game. This way, at least they’ll play some of it. No offense, this game is very well designed but I think that you might want to make some changes to the first level’s difficulty curve.

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Wow, this is really cool for such a simple concept.

It looks great and feels pretty good to control the player, although as John said, the difficulty spikes in the first level but I think the rest are fine.
A few very minor complaint is that powerups take a bit of time to respawn, especially in the snow area where you need to wait for the jump power-up if you fall down.
You may also want to add a flag or something at the end of each level to make it clearer where the player should go; right now it’s just an invisible block that teleports you.
Also, the last level is a bit confusing to look at, you probably want to make the molten bits in the background a different color, kinda like this:


I got a time of 1874, can’t wait to see new levels!

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Thanks for the feedback, @glowbug!

I plan on changing power-ups. There’s regions that clear your power-ups, but it doesn’t respawn them when cleared, so if your power-up is cleared right after you get it, you have to wait 15 seconds for it to respawn.

I plan to add buildings and other things that you go into. I haven’t made the sprites yet, and that’s why it’s just an Invisible Finish at the moment.

I wasn’t sure how to make the last level easier to read, but the colors you sent really help. I’ll look into changing that. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, are you the one who made the Flowlab Poop Game? If so, why’d you delete it? Not that I liked the game, just curious.

Beat the first level in 42.3 and beat the second in 103.6! Is that a good time? btw it needs a way view your level time besides looking at the thing in the top, like a menu page that shows your scores (Btw the level time between the second and third level carries over

Just beat the third level in 67 (the time for the third level also carries to the fourth)

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try a few things out :+1:

Okay, I’ll look at that…

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I made it as a joke a while ago and didn’t feel like keeping it, so I deleted it lol


Also, I really like the movement of the game, it feels like there are a lot of tricks to be discovered. Like in the first level you can wall jump off of the beginning wall and ground pound a little bit afterward to gain a lot of speed. The ramp seems like it has a lot of friction though and is sometimes hard to climb over

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That should be fixed now :slight_smile:

This should also be fixed now.

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This is fixed. They will now respawn if your effect is cleared/lost.

I added that a little bit after your told me about it.

I updated the colors.
Thanks for the great feedback :+1:

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I updated the first level and made it easier. :+1:



20 Character Limit

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imagine doing it like that

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