RGN sidescroller enemy bot movement help


I’m adding the famed Red Dwarves (Famed) into V: TE and I need some good platformer AI movement. The game is based on sky islands, and I don’t want the object to fall off the edge.


Well you don’t want it to act like a goomba but more of a red koopa troopa, correct? Or maybe you want it to hop across the islands which no mario enemies could do

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It would be cool if it could hop islands, but I don’t think that’s completely necessary. More like a koopa.

Alright, well the way I learned to do it is that it would be the classic code for an enemy left and right except instead of the enemy checking for any block to hit it’s side it detects an invisible block which you can go through but with collisions on. Put those blocks on the side of the islands so the enemy would move left to right when it reaches the edge of the island.

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Well, I’m a free user, and I don’t want to create any extra object. I was wondering if a Raycaster would work as well as placing an extra block.
Something like this.

Honestly I don’t really know if a raycast would work. I think the only way for it to work would to create 1 new object

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