Thanks @rcreger I’m working really hard on the power ups I have them spawning correctly but the game crashes when its about to spawn. But don’t worry i’m trouble shooting it.

+Power Ups!!!

If there are any bugs with them please let me know!

Great job with making power ups @“Johnny boy” !

Attention every one
Im am now going to work on challenges!

Challenges: completing a challenge will give you brains and a new one will pop up

That sounds like a great addition @“Johnny boy” ! Good luck!

@rcreger if you have any ideas for buying things in the shop other than power ups please tell me.

Maybe the different skins could have different stats? Such as one is faster, maybe another has health, or possibly one can shoot things?

@rcreger Yeah I might do that I was just thinking for the challenges when you do like 5 or so it unlocks a new skin that you can only get from challenges.

@meburningslime @ToastMaster64 @Latif @CrimsonBlackGames @SomeGuy542 @MagmaDude100 @“my_name (<_>)” @grazer @“JR 01” Any ideas for stuff you can buy in the shop also please try it and give it a like!

Maybe add power ups?

@meburningslime done
please play it

I already did

@rcreger or anyone else
Any challenge ideas so far i only have 2

Reach a certain number of distance? Certain number of brains? Does that help?

@rcreger yes thank you Im gonna make so when you finish all challenges it cycles through them again

A vertical endless runner…


+when you press play all the stars go up

@rcreger changing the power ups

Changing them to what @“Johnny boy” ?