Try this game I’ve been making for 6 months and still haven’t finished yet! Thanks for playing!!!

Click the settings button in the menu to switch controls and to learn how to play.

+Added new skin: Lava guy

@grazer @Latif @CrimsonBlackGames @rcreger @meburningslime @“JR 01” can you guys try it?

Working on power ups right now.

Sure thing @“Johnny boy” ! I will try to get the review out soon!

its fixed sorry

@rcreger Thank You

Got in for you @“Johnny boy” , just go to my discussion!

@rcreger I read it thank you

+changed the name to Rise

Yes! Good luck!

thanks @rcreger

+Added Colors to the intro

+Added new skin

Alright heres a question for @rcreger or anyone else. For the power ups at the end tell me the number you think would be good I think 2 but I want to know everyone elses opinion.

  1. Should I make it so you have to by the power ups on the shop and you can only equip one and use it one a game?
    2.should I make it so the power ups are in the game and when you run into one it activates it. Or lets you do it when you want?

You could do both, but if you don’t I would go with 2.

New Update!

+New Skin!

Nice work @“Johnny boy” !