Rising spaceship shooter

It was supposed to be named Nemesis.io but the name was already taken… anyway it’s a galaga-style game with the S button to shoot and the side arrow keys to move.
The more enemies you kill, the more exp you get. If the gauge is full, you get a weapon upgrade!
Try it and tell me what you think :slight_smile:


It’s ridiculously laggy for me. Is that just me? It’s good, but I can’t really play it. :neutral:

It gets laggy for me too, that’s why I need people to test it. @grazer is there a specific cause for lag?

Yeah. I encounter this issue with several games. It might just be the object count.

My computer usually lags more in Flowlab than others, but if most people are experiencing the lag I should have to remove some stuff. But I’m not sure for now

I just played it and it wasn’t laggy until I got to level two. Once I got to the part where the objects respawn and duplicate when you shoot them it start running pretty slow. I can profile it to get a clearer picture of where the bottleneck is, but I suspect that the problem is just a huge number of objects on screen.

Is this what you guys are talking about, or are you seeing lag in the first level as well?

both, I guess, but it does lag more in lv2. Probably just my comp…
But thanks, at least some others can play it :slight_smile:

same to me @grazer
btw overall your game is quite nice
i like it

thanks :smiley: