RNG world generator test

so Im making this game on the side that uses RNG to make different worlds each time. just thought I share it here https://flowlab.io/game/play/1495723

Nothings happening (POST MUST BE 20 CHARACTERS

just give it a minute

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This is pretty cool, you could use this for something similar to a terraria or minecraft based game’s world generation. I might need to use something similar to an old game that I need to update. Not entirely sure how you did it but it looks super cool.
You could make it that there is a chance that the spawning block won’t spawn anything, but when it does spawn a grass block then it spawns only solid blocks and this could be used for hilly generations. You could also use the same technique with the grass block and make it so its the first block that spawns (other than the air block) and then dirt and stone spawn after so only the top block is grass similar to that of minecraft. Although I’m not sure if this could be done, probably with some switches or something. Anyway I really like the way it works and it isn’t laggy at all.

if you wanna see the code its right here

and if you want me to explain in more detail just message me

Oh, okay, thanks. I’ll probably have to take a more advanced look into that and might make a similar system.

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You just copied and pasted this, lol. I found the exact same comment on a different discussion.

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Also congrats on getting indie.

thanks im just exploding over here in the corner right now

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