Robo-Control 2!

Remember Robo-Control 1? The game I made before I got my own Flowlab account? well I decided to make a Sequel, Its a work in progress, But i’m Quite proud of how its coming so far. There are 14 levels so far (am making more as we speak) and I’d love for you to give it a try! The controls are the exact same as Robo-Control 1 except you Rightclick to Flip Levers now (Controls are also in Desc)
All sound effects were made using:
Music Made by Yours Truley,
and Link to game is:
All Feedback is Welcome and Appreciated, Thanks for Playing (:


I played and i loved it!! but how do you get the lever to work???

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Hey! Great work so far! I think you should make the player have a capsule collision shape, so the robot doesn’t stick on the walls :slight_smile:


Right-click Flips Levers, Its in the description

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I have it as a Feature in later levels, And I like it like that. Thanks for the suggestion tho!

Hey, this is awesome! Never seen a game with a challenge like this before, and the artstyle’s executed super well! Loads of potential here, loving it so far!

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Thank you so much! I really Appreciate that! I’m excited to start designing more levels (:

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