Roboticizer Help

I need help with my roboticizer. I want roboticized tails to move exactly like tails does but I don’t know how to make the seperate sprite work and he doesn’t shoot lasers when I want him to. Help!

If you mean having the same behaviors, just copy the behaviors from your original object (in your game’s case, Tails) and then paste it on the desired object (in your game’s case, Roboticized Tails). As for the laser, you need to post the link to your game in order for us to see what is going on there.

Now for the sprite animation, you might need to redo the animations. I think if you download the sprite from the original character and then upload it into the target character, it MIGHT work. Emphasis on the words “I think” and “might,” since I have never downloaded a sprite from Flowlab and then upload it again.

ok, the sprite for roboticized tails isn’t the one for normal tails. how do you copy all the behaviors? game link

I used the sprite for roboticized tails using the tails one but all the animations I made from scratch

You see that icon with a cursor and dotted line box?
Flowlab Game Creator - Dimensions - Google Chrome 5_7_2020 1_54_51 PM
If you click that, you can select multiple behaviors just like you would in the wallpaper (click and drag). Then, you will get the option to copy the behaviors. Then, go into a different sprite, click anywhere on the screen and select “Paste”.

ohhh, k

I want both the roboticized tails and the normal tails to not collidde with the other’s ring point but I want it to save the rings and mint candys and transmit them to the other player sprite (roboticized tails and normal tails). how do you make a clone be its own thing?

@Tailsthefox#1 whenever you collect a coin output it to a save called lets say coin the in the other tails put once out put read coin done set into the amount of coins it has by default

I have a roboticized tails but I still cant figure out how to make it work, could you show a screenshot maybe?