Rock, Paper, Scissors - CodeAlpaca

Rock. Paper. Scissors.

I come to you as a smart man, a brilliant inventor, an elaborate trailblazer, and a humbled man.

I have created what seems to be the most brilliant technical marvel in the history of Flowlab, and I shall bless upon your eyes the golden nectar of pure life that is this creation.

Multiplayer was previously thought to be impossible in Flowlab, but through pure determination and skill greater than you could ever imagine, I have done the impossible feat.

Now before you die of envy, I shall give my reasoning to create such an awe-inspiring creation of hope.

I had a dream, that every man, woman, and child could come together as a community and play a wonderful game called NoU. This dream was stolen from me, snatched right out of my head by an enemy I call HL. Hardware Limitations had come to me in my sleep, and with a knife curling wisps of darkness, had stolen my dreams before they could become reality.

I had been left scarred and wounded, a piece of my very soul missing from my body. But I have learned to endure hardship, I have walked into the depths of the devil’s lair to learn Lists, and I could conquer the Multiplayer beast despite HL’s determination to stop me.
But how? I was wounded, missing part of my soul, and lost without a dream.

I crafted and schemed a masterful plan, to create a game greater than any created before it. I would use this power to forge a weapon to strike a devasting blow into the beast, the hound of HL.
I spent countless days, months, and years in a place between time and space, forging an intricate web of wires connected to make a blade of glowing code.
I face the beast head-on and attacked. Wrapping the beast in Paper, slicing it with Scissors, and crushing its power over me with Rock.
I had defeated Hardware Limitation’s hound dog, but he still held my dream of NoU in his burning scepter, staring at me with eyes that glowed blue, for he could not see all colors.

I can not defeat this monster alone, his power is greater than even my own. I ask all who read my story to stand with me and sign my petition against the darkness to free my dream and your own from the clutches of HL.

Defeat Hardware Limitations
    • Improving Multiplayer and defeat HL
    • Empower HL and ignore Multiplayer

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I will show all who have come to witness my story to gaze at the weapon that had mortally wounded the Multiplayer Beast.


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