Rocky Wrath! (Dev Log?)

So i came up with a game idea yesterday and I would like to share it, All of the info is in this google doc: Doc Let me know if you have any trouble opening it.
Hi, I’m Baconcat and I had a new game idea! Its called Rocky Wrath! A top down Avoider game (Think bullet hell but not quite so chaotic) that I am going to make! (I havent yet) This will be the dev log for it, Ill be using this to update everyone on my progress with my game.
I think its a pretty neat concept, and Im excited to work on it!
Heres the music I have for it: Music Please do not use this music it is for my game only ty)
Anyways, yea! Ill be working on it some today so keep an eye out! Ok, Bye (:
Oh, and heres the game link so far: Flowlab Game Creator - New Game