Rolling Ball

In my Pong reboot, the ball is always rolling on the platform instead of bouncing off. (Its in stage 2, not the first one) My Game:

@“Pi_GYE_YT”, I found the problem. Ball 2 doesn’t have the same density and friction as Ball. The density for Ball is 0.1, while bounce and friction is at 100. For Ball 2, that was not the case, as the density and bounce were both at 100, while friction was at 0.

@Superstargames What do you think i should have the density and friction be for it to best operate?

Having less friction may help make sure that the ball doesn’t slow down when it collides with the paddle, although it may cause the ball to start slipping on other objects. Having less density than the paddle will help the ball be more likely to bounce. I think that for the first Ball, you should keep the original settings since they seem work fine, but for Ball 2, their density and friction should match that of the first Ball.

Ok Thanks