Room or section Cameras

I’m creating a metroidvania style test. But my biggest issue is that the camera is buggy, I used an old example for a room style camera. But the camera goes past the Anti-Cam blocks, defeating the purpose.
If anyone knows how to make a Zelda, Metroid, etc styled camera. I’d love to see.

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Wdym by styled camera? Do those games have a different type of camera? Or do you mean the enter house in zelda with black borders around the house?

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I mean like the dungeons, how when you move from one room to the next the camera readjusts to that next room.

You can try putting values into the camera behavior and see if you can adjust it to fit your room. Another thing you can do is make a second object with the camera behavior and spawn it into the room after the player has spawned, that way its camera should be the main one, this should make it so the camera won’t move unless you move the second object. Hope this helps, if you have any questions just ask.

Also, I think zoom should just work for you as well. Have a number go into the zoom input so the camera will fit your room. Doing this with a second block will make it fit your room and the camera won’t move around unless you want it to.

Here’s the original format I’m trying to go with.

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I would assume it’s going past the anti-camera blocks because you might have auto scroll on which disables the anti-camera. if you don’t have auto scroll on you can try to have it when it enters the room it makes contact with a block that will tell the camera to have it set for the room, then have it disable the ray casting until you leave the room. If that doesn’t work you probably need to just have a second block spawn into the room and have it have a custom camera placement depending on the room it is in (then disable the ray casting on the player until they leave the room). It could also be because you have a room of 15x15 for example, and the game screen is only 10x10. If that is going on just use zoom to fix it. If you send the link to the game I can see if anything else is going on with it.


So it just so happens that I wanted this mechanic for a camera in a game I’m working on myself. It’s not perfect, but here’s a simple example of what I believe you’re looking for:

Like I said, it has its flaws but I hope this helps you out a bit!

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Detect player position, figure out which dungeon, move camera x and y to there

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Autoscroll isn’t on, and it works most of the time, but when I move diagonally is removes the lock.

just readjust the screen to fit correctly turning then off the ray casting when you enter the room, that should work. If you are having trouble when you are not in the room but while in a hallway for example you can try to add a diagonal ray cast. If it still isn’t working give me the link to the game and I’ll see what I can do.

Detect what room you’re in and adjust camera x and y, simple

Are you looking for something like the old zelda dungeon camera?

My controller example has a bundle for that, even Grazer used it for his Jam.