Rotation Degrees Based On Locations

How do you find how much an object is rotated based on its position compared to another object.

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Extract the rotation


The rotation has no relation to its position, objects can be placed anywhere with any rotation.

If you want the rotation of an object, you need to extract it and put it into a global.

What you can do with using 2 locations is getting the angle that points to each other, using pointat. But again, this isn’t the same as rotation (different angles).


Oops, I meant like, I want to figure out how much that rotation would be, so then I can make the rotation slightly less of that. Because I’m trying to avoid the “point at” block because you can’t change where it is pointing at.


Actually you can, clicking on the point-at block lets you have the option to turn off rotations.

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Oh so its just getting the point at values instead of actually using them?