Rotation to original?

How do I reset angle to a normal non negative, 0-360 angle? Extract this rotation gives weird angles that alternates. 90 is the lowest it shows, then it goes up either way you rotate.

number at top is supposed rotation. It sometimes works…

On my end it seems to be working can you send a gif of what’s happening on your end?

arg it is so jank now it is working, ill show a video of what happens when it happens again

now it’s not again. How do I capture a gif?? it doesn’t allow videos.

I use this to get absolute angles:

what is a non absolute angle, and what is the extract rotation comparing to?

Also, it doesn’t work

I mean a value only between 0 to 360, not -270 or 720…
And the rotation is the rotation of the object…

Just Extract → Expression → Absolute Angle

I see, but the rotation is already absolute coming out of the extract. It just doesn’t get above 200- both ways it goes down.

If its not going over 200, its not absolute. Absolute is only 0-360.
As well if you use the rotation behavior and rotate to the left, it will continue to the negatives.

it isn’t working. The expression output is the same as the extract.

If the angle is already between 0-360, it will still output 0-360.

thats the thing. The extract is between 200 and 150 I think. so it is the extract’s fault?

What are you asking here? The post originally wanted a non-negative pure angle…

Okay okay, I looked at your game.

It’s outputting between 150 and 200 because you have 2 of the same objects in the game.
One off-screen, and the other attached to the block. You need to remove the off screen object.
Also, because you’re using my old Angle-To bundle, the output will always be 0-360.

Now the wind object is outputting negative rotation. Not sure if that is what your are talking about.