RPG Housing Teleportation

How do you make it to where when you interact with a door it teleports you to a different part of the world to act as if you went inside the house and when you leave it teleports you back to the original spot you entered?

I have tried to do that, got through with the first part, but as to going back you will have to find some way
to do that. Will make a example and post it

Depends on wheather or not you want to use a different level or a part of the level
if you do a different level you can easily just use the next level behavior, if you are meaning a part of the level you would have to combine the spawn tool and the save tool to make it work

@The_Undying what about “killing the player” and then emitting it somewhere else?

Here is a game I was working on and I used something similar as what you are looking for,

I made it so when you walk up to a door, a letter E will pop up, when you press it, the screen will darken and then lighten, but also teleport you to another room. Even though I am using rooms, you can use a similar design and teleport them to inside of the house instead of other rooms.

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I guess that could work.

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Killing the player and then emitting them somewhere would probably mess up any sort of data you had for that player.

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btw if you want to work on the Darkening days game feel free to make whatever fits the theme i have alot of avalable objects Maniac pumpkin. (oops wrong post move this to the darkening days post)

I still went ahead and made the example lmao.

Link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1541390

I would just use the Position behavior

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That’s what I used for my game, which I can’t really explain cause I can’t really explain anything really good, but you can go into the editor, click on the player, and then open up the bundle called press E and it should be in there, although It’s only linked to two sets of doors, which you can easily add more sets if need be.