🛠️Samuel's Workshop - My creations & examples!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Workshop :hammer_and_wrench:,
I want to share here all my creations that are meant to be used by others (Bundles, Tools, Examples) and other game prototypes too. :sparkles:

I often make Examples or Bundles and share them a bit, but they take a long time to finish due to my lack of free time ahah :smile: So, I want to share more non-finished projects in one place, so they can get used by people too, and have their place on the forums.

I want to start with two of the more recent examples that I only shared on the Flowlab Discord yet.

:hash::nine: “9 Slice” Panel Bundle (+ 25 Slice)

Description: Bundle that attaches a panel with a 9 Slice Animation.
Resize shapes without stretching their pixels, keeping your sprites pixel-perfect.
It can be used for Buttons, Alerts, Boxes, Dialogue bubbles, Bars*, and Borders.

This Bundle is especially useful for UI Design but can be used for other things.
Having this on your game allows you to keep a coherent interface between all your game’s buttons, as you can re-use their style, and set any dimensions you desire. This also saves you a lot of time as you don’t need to re-draw sprites in different sizes and you can experiment with sizes more easily.

It also automatically calculates its click area! It’s great for making good and quick Buttons.

*Bars = This could be used to make bars, but with the current features, there’s a minimum size so it doesn’t stretch the pieces, I could remove/option this limit in the future.

9 Slice Panel - Example Game:

Here’s the playground showing some cool usecases:
9 slice Panel - Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Developer

The dialogue box shown above is using the 25 slice. This is something I made up, not sure if it’s known outside this, but it allows you to create panels with more details. More below.

Showcasing the Bundle for the Holder object:
9 slice Panel Bundle - Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Developer

This is already in a usable state but could be improved and finished (e.g.: change from using various Attacher behaviors to a single Spawn behavior).
The bundle also needs more notes and an import tutorial, which is why this is not finished yet.

Here’s a 9-slice Animation template if you want to use the bundle already:
I’m already using this in my game, Scraptech - so, it works. :slight_smile:
9 Slice Panel Bundle - Template Gif
Base Image:
9 Slice Panel Bundle - Template Icon

9 Slice Panel Spritesheet Example:
Cute Strechy cat browser window. Just an example, don’t steal the art.

25 Slice Panel Spritesheet Example:
A dialogue box with an Avatar portrait. Just an example, don’t steal the art.

Thank you! Let me know what you think of this Example :blush:


:straight_ruler::nerd_face::point_up:Ruler Companion Flowlab Add-on

Description: A Bundle/add-on that adds a “Dev Tool” with a bunch of tools/features so you can measure, align, and see coordinates!

I’m making this with @Baron_Wasteland , they are making the Mascot Sprites.
But this is still in its early phases. It’s usable but needs to be completed.

The guides you create are also responsive, so if you change the game’s dimensions they will adjust their position based on their position on screen % (I also want to add more responsive options later on).

Ruler Companion - Example Game:

📝✅ List of features done/to be added:

Here’s a preview of what’s already there:

Rulers Companion Addon - Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Developer

What do you think of this? Would you use it on your games to align your UI and other stuff?


Absolute YES! The measuring ruler is a godsend for any :nerd: who wants to build their games with precise utmost accuracy :point_up:.

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Danm, looks so great, does the animation of the one look like a penguin at the left bottom using 1 or 2 objects?


Thanks! Everything is just one object, that one has the 25-slice option enabled inside the Bundle. @Khoi_Pham

@John_Shrekinson Thanks! Glad you like it :star2:


A few users ( @sup3r87 @ThatBoxLion @paisleypug ) were asking/talking about the Distance Bundle I did.

So I quickly made this Example game for the…

:triangular_ruler: :straight_ruler: Distance Bundle v2

It’s now more performance-friendly and better than V1, neatly organized, and with minimal expression usage!

Calculates the distance between two objects.
+Performance-friendly than the Proximity behavior, as it relies on math instead of physics.
Individual XY distance is a toggle inside this Bundle, for extra performance-saving :slight_smile:

Example Game with Bundle code:

Distance Bundle - Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Developer

Distance Bundle - Samuel Tomé - Flowlab Game Engine Logic

Let me know what you think, thanks!


Nice! I made one yesterday, but it is not as nice, where there is not a total distance output. I was thinking of using the DistanceTo bundle to make it better, but I will just use this! Thanks!

If anybody wants to see mine, lol.

Flowlab Game Creator - Coding Bundles
*In the Overma Games folder object. (Folder 2)


I focused a bit on making progress on this project that I need to finish so I and others can use it :smile:

Progress on the Rulers & Guides Add-on :straight_ruler:

I’m making for Flowlab - A tool for game developers who like to align their UI or want to see XY coordinates on the spot.

Check out the Video preview here:
I haven’t posted anything online in a while ahah, show some love :heart: :see_no_evil:


Rulers & Guides Add-on by Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Dev

Everything you see is just all one object, with 1 animation!
So it’s effortless to import into your game and it’s performance-light as well. :hourglass:

Here are all the features so far - Around 55% total done: :bar_chart:

  • See Coordinates at Mouse (Pixel, x32 increments, or x16 increments)
  • Add Guides
  • Remove Guides
  • Delete All Guides
  • Hide/Show Rulers/Guides
  • Everything is Saved (so even on refresh, your guides are kept)

To Do Up Next:

  • Move Guides Tool
  • Measure Distance between guides Tool
  • Some Extra Art and Dialogue from the Companion for options like Export and Import (?).

Feel free to let me know what you think, if you would use this, or any features you would like for this to include! Thanks! :blush:


Yo I posted again! What?! Sharing this Prototype Game I did when we got the Origin Point update

Check out the video here: :fly: :fire: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Robot Jetpack Game - Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Developer

The Level design assets I used were from my Asset pack too!


New Updated Examples!

Juicy Screenshake Example:
Its now extra juicy and how I initially envisioned it.
With Camera rotation too

9 Slice Example v1.0 by Samuel PixelPizza

Interpolation Bundles Collection:

Features all the Interpolation bundles me and @JR01 did, including a juicy “elastic” one and Interpolation for Rotation/angles.