Sans7657’s Game Jam (January 2nd - January 10th)

Although I have no part in hosting this game jam, I just figured that I would make a discussion based off of it to kind of simplify what all has been going on.
This game jam started on January 2nd and will end on the 9th which gives all participants one week to construct a game based on the theme, which is given below.
Rules: All games must be made during the time this game jam takes place so any earlier entries before the 2nd will be disqualified for cheating and any late entries will be disqualified (depending on how late it is) Any game idea is allowed as long as its your own idea (not stolen from someone else) including music, sound, art, and the overall game.
Grading: Not sure how exactly sans7657 plans on grading each game whether he picks one out of the selection as the winner or he individually grades them on a score and the highest score wins. There might be a chance that the winner will be a result of voting that will be public to anyone and participants will not allowed to vote for their own game, but can vote for others.
Anyone is allowed to join and even though its already three days in, you still have time to make up a game and enter the competition, so far there is just:
ManiacPumpkin (Me)
Even though sans7657 is participating in this, he is not allowed to win since he is the host and the winner will just receive bragging rights or help from the host on a specific game that you are making. So sans7657 will offer to work on a game for you, if you don’t want any of these prizes then you are allowed to just have fun.
Any submissions will be posted on this discussion so we can keep track of who’s game are already made and I don’t think there is a specific time on the 9th so just about any time will do and the winner will be chosen on the 10th or 11th. Just depends.

The theme is: Everything has a cost

Everybody get to coding!

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@sans7657 @SAWYER @DarkfireAnimates @Cuts_ups @bentley.holmquist
Sorry for tagging some of you, but most of you said you were in at one point or another.

Anyway just wanted to ask if you guys are still in this thing. I haven’t heard from you guys in a while and just wanted to know whats up. Your all probably really busy making your games for the 9th, which is when it ends. Anyway, just wanted to check in.

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im not going to do this

I don’t think I can make it

Well sucks to be you I guess

Well this kinda isn’t good. Two people have left so its just down to four, and one of those is the host.

I would join but i did not know about this so it ends tomorrow so i can’t really do anything about it so sorry i might start a game jam soon though maybe like right now or tonight or something

Hey @sans7657 when is this due. I know its due on the 9th (tomorrow, but I don’t know the exact time, or do you want to just have everyone submit it anytime tomorrow, but the second its midnight the gamejam is done to how is this all going to work.

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That’s how it usually works

Sorry was eating lunch, so couldn’t reply immediately. I did put on the original post a date change. I wanted to start the game jam on the 2nd since I wasn’t patient enough to wait for Monday, like you said. To balance it out slightly, I stated that I would move the end date to the 10TH, so that is that clarification. It will end at 12:00 A.M. on the dot, but the results will come later that day, or even Monday. It depends on my schedule tbh.

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I’m Basically done can you start a submit page to submit it?