Save behavior not working

It doesn’t save anymore. So it always returns zero when you try to read the value.

for The Graveyard?
If so, characters and controls work fine for me

yeah @latif when I was playing it- it always set my controls to W-A-S-D and the shoot button didn’t work

@“Johnny boy”
Shoot is Z with those controls

oh @JR 01 I didn’t know that thanks

@“JR 01” Just in all games, in The Graveyard too. Bones are always 0 and I can only play the default character.

It’s supposed to be space sorry @“Johnny boy”. I’ll fix that later.

Yeah it works fer me

@meburningslime I fixed it.

I noticed the save behaviors do work in the html version. The camera however doesn’t work in The Graveyard in the html version, but it does in the normal version.

Here’s the html version:

@grazer Also, why is it so laggy. It didn’t use to lag before.

The animations are broken too since html is in 60fps, so everything is twice as fast.

The ballons and everything that flies are getting flung off the screen!!!

I noticed this is only happening in Firefox @grazer

Pretty sure most of you use Chrome so that’s why you’re not experiencing this.