Save/Load (Pls help)

In a recent game of mine, I have a very simple saving behavior in the player. I have it set so that when I click enter, 2 extractors will extract the x and y from my player. Those values are connected to a ‘set’ input in their own numbers. the numbers’ outputs are connected to the save behavior. When " is pressed, it triggers a load value in both saves, whose outputs are connected to a positioner. But for some reason, when I load my save, I always spawn in the same place(Not spawnpoint). Have I just done something wrong?

You have to connect the output of the extractor to “set” and “in” because set doesn’t send an output value.

And why is y number connected to save and load?

It’s not; just the way I have it organised makes it look like that. Thanks, BTW.

Oh woops I see. Is your problem fixed?

Yeah. Thanks.