Save/Load State

Now, this may be too much to ask for, but occasionally, I find myself using too many Save behaviors just for things that dont need that much attention, but are important for the completion of the game. Maybe we should have two new behaviors called Save State and Load State.

Games Can have Up to 3 of each at a time.

Save States have a single property- the name. Every object in every level is saved exactly like it is,

Once a State has been named and saved, A Load State can be used, and has the same name property. When triggered, the game restarts- BUT goes back to like it was when the game was saved.

In other words- a behavior that Saves the game as a whole, not just an integer…


This is not really anything important to go with it, but when the game resets and reloads, it might be cool to let up upload our own image to use as a loading screen, and make our own screen instead of that checkered screen

I need to think a little bit about how this would be implemented, it’s possible that it would be easy.

This might be easy, depending on how you have “pause game” set up. If you just have pause enable and disable everything at the same time, then maybe not, but the idea is to load from a paused state by making a copy of the data from that paused frame. Probably won’t be easy, but I’m happy with the current save system. It works like Sonic 3 Genesis. It saves your chaos emeralds, lives, and what level you’re on, but nothing else. You quit at a boss fight, you restart the level.

If you wanted to save from the start menu like in an RPG game, that’s easyish. Save the coordinates of your player and the level you’re on, once them when the game loads. Specific flags are just a bunch of 1s and 0s… Good old binary.

If you do add save states, it will save me days of making flag checks for powerups, doors and bosses defeated, but I’ll probably do it anyway long before that update.

Wow yes this is useful, I want this.

hmm i really like the actual save feature…
Im used to it now…

Doing a whole new thing i would have to delete everything
In my opnion the actual could keep

or if you guys really want that
2 save behaviours could work better instead of updating the actual

Both behaviors would be present

This would make making crystal storm much, much easier

Now this is off topic, and really only for Mhx, but [spoiler]
@“Mhx Ar” I only stopped working on it because of your disappearance, mostly because your input will affect the storyline a lot, as your characters are present. I dont know what choices theyd make, or anything like that. [/spoiler]

[spoiler]@CrimsonBlackGames You can remove my characters. I just got a new laptop today, so I have a year of catching up to do in my games. Also, I want to spend my spare time helping grazer track down bugs, so he can focus on updates instead of bugfixes. The sooner flowlab gets out of beta, the sooner he can advertise the program and have tons of new members. I hope this is soon, because I’d love to see a large thriving community working together to help each other out and come out with great new ideas and games. Plus, then grazer could afford to work more on flowlab if it becomes his main job.

If you need any help with story ideas or game logic, I might be able to help you with that, but I no longer have time to work on 3 projects at once between work, my games, bugtesting, and the tiny amount of free time I have per day. Actually, today was my day off, and I haven’t even eaten once. That’s how little time I have. I should probably eat before 10… I’m gonna log off for a few hours and check back in the night.[/spoiler]

Eh, theyll just make sarcastic comments between boss fights instead of anything important to the story

Anyway, back to the subject.

The Save thing would be still present, but it probably should be renamed to Save integer to distinguish it from Save State if that behavior indeed comes out.


Yeah it’s a good idea

Can we please get this? Or maybe a tutorial on a rpg, style save system. Like Mhx Air said? As I am missing the logic behind this saving style for a rpg style game.

The logic for save I was saying was about event flags.

If you kill a boss, you would want it to stay dead, so when it dies, it sends a message to a GUI object acting as a computer, and the message for the boss sets a 0 to a 1, to a save. When you load, it loads that 1, and filters it, so when it is a 1 instead of 0, it sends a message to the boss to be already dead when the game loads. This is event flagging, basically code for placing a flag at a victory battle or top of a mountain, like in the old days. When the US went to the moon, they put a flag there. If you reload, and there is no flag, that’s an issue. Messaging a 0 to 1 and loading then filtering a 1 keeps the flag there.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s okay. Most new users won’t. A few of these members have been around for years and they understand how stuff works now, so by explaining an idea, they understand it in flowlab logic.

Unfortunately I don’t know if anyone made a flag tutorial, but I do know CBG made a retro platform shooter that flags weapon pickups a long while back.

I actually still want this…


Please add this!

Not to gravedig, but this still desperately needs to be a feature. The save feature now is like highly unrealistic and almost unusable for big games because of the shear amount of work that would need to be done to save everything.