Save+ | New Update! 🎉

Hello everybody! I have not seen a good save slot bundle yet. So I decided to make one! This is just a prototype, and I am going to add more to it. I thought maybe it would be useful to some users. Please give feedback also, maybe something you would like to see added? Thanks!

Save - Save the input number to selected slot.
Read - Output the number saved in selected slot.
Slot # - Slot that you want to save/read from. NOT clear from. Make sure you use this input!
Clear - Clear all slots.

This design holds many different numbers in the same save. Acting as unlimited saves in one.


New Update!

I have made a new version, it now has a ClearS input. This clears the slot, instead of clearing the whole save itself!
Also, I have made a Text Version of the save! The next thing I am probably going to do on the save system is make the ClearS for the text version.
Please tell me if you have a idea of what to add next!


New Update!

Wow, I am finally done with it! It is the number list update!
I have made a new version to hold number lists inside of a text list! You can read below to hear about how it works!

How It Works

WARNING; It might be confusing because of how I typed it. Sorry!
The inputted number list is joined with the join input, with a . in between the numbers. For example, the list 1,2,3… is joined as 1.2.3
Then stored in a text list. When they are placed in the text list, they are placed in the spot of the inputted number via “Slot#”.
When the read input is selected it uses the one input in the text list. Then, it goes into a list reassembler. This reassembles the list making a new list everytime there is a new . in the text. Leaving just the numbers behind. Then the list is outputted.
( It might be better if you look at the coding, I am not sure if I explained it well. :disappointed_relieved: Sorry!)

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