Save Placement is here!

So I made an example where it saves some blocks’ positions. Still working on the part about deleting it, tho…

Tbh I’m really excited I figured this out. I was really discouraged that I’d have to use lists, but then it turned out to actually be pretty easy!
Again, nothing super impressive, just wanted to show y’all.
Also, my inspiration was the infuriating thing @John_Shrekinson likes to call Forge, which doesn’t actually save. Just tweak a few things in this code and you’ll probably be able to create a level maker…

Anyways, have fun :blush:

(Ik it says New Game, Flowlab wasn’t always the best at saving fast :expressionless: )


interesting…too bad the deleter doesn’t save though
I think it would be a little complicated to get it to work with that


How is it infuriating?

Well, I suppose you use something like a One on the list going down, and if the One is equal to your position, simply don’t include it in the list going next. Then once fully read you save it

Cuz it don’t actually save :upside_down_face:


I disagree because Forge is cool and fun

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