Save problems

Ok so in my game- I 'm trying to make saves where the player will start on the right side if they travel from the city. Which is more realistic than starting at the normal start of the area. Can someone help?

not sure where it is in your game but you can use the position behavior

I am but i’m not sure how I should make it warp the player the position

go to where you want the player to be and find the x and y on the grid. then do something like this(set the position behavior to grid)Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 6.08.59 PM

Which level is the city and which level do you want to start on the right side??

I need you start on the right of level 1 (Slimy greens) when you exit from the left of level 7 (Sunset Town). you’ll see the objects that are named similar to that.

Add this to the door in Sunset Town:

And make a bundle for this in the player: (Its arranged like this so you can see the image better)