Save Slots

This is a big if, and I actually think this is possible in flowlab, but if it is very complex, to say the least. A few months ago for the flow jam I actually, well a long with the help of @“JR 01” and various others, managed to complete save data. Whatever level you are up to it will save as long as you pass the level, and initially saves progress. But is there a way to have multiple save slots? And how would this work. If you know how to do Sava data, which is essentially base on variables, numbers and a heck of a lot of filteres, we know how to, “delete” Save data by setting the number which represents the data to 0, but is there a way to get multiple. Now if you duplicate this, and make sure each number which equals whatever data it is holding accordingly, (basically if they are numbered save data 1 2, 3 or 4 so we know which is witch and so they are not mistakened for one save) How would we manage to have htese running at the same time? I actually don’t have an example to this and I feel @TinkerSmith may have an easy fix for this and @“JR 01” will probably have a way to do this too (Which will also probably a lot less complicated than any of the above so I hope maybe this can be explained or at least theorised.

Thanks for reading. If you actually managed to read any of this, please do comment down bellow :slight_smile:

If you have a set a saves and could be used like slot one, then bundle those save separately.
When you want to make more slots, duplicate the bundle and rename all the saves.
Make a New save behavior to know which slot you selected, and then used that save to use the correct save bundle.

You would need to add these new saves to everything like before, but those objects could also be easier navigate by make a bundle separately for their saves

Snap, as @“JR 01” says :slight_smile: