Saving Emma - Reviews & Feedback

So, very first time making a game on here. It’s basically super mario but with some sprite changes. One bug that I’m working on is not having the bad guys get hung up on each other.

Would enjoy some feedback! I plan to make other sequels to this that use more original sprites & music but this one here is my experimental game so I can work out the bugs & get more polish on the coding. That way I can just copy into other games without doing coding from scratch.


Here are some things I noticed

  1. Don’t use the “Alert” behavior, it looks messy and unprofessional in most games. It’s normally best to create a custom button.

  2. I’d recommend against using the basic sprites (I’m guessing they’re just placeholders)

  3. The health amount is huge, making the game really easy.

  4. Jump is floaty

  5. If you click jump fast you get shot up into the sky, a lot of beginning games have this.

  6. Brick-breaking animations need to be fixed. You see it break, but then it comes back to complete then disappears.

  7. I’d recommend against naming your objects “4-3”, “4-4”, “7-2”, etc.


There’s no healing system

That looks cool

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For me, the breaking animation just looks like someone forgot to click “stay on last frame when done”. It’s super easy to not take damage so that health amount is just abnormally large.

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good but its missing lean

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