saving the amount of coins

@USERNAME55 the emitter blocks for flowlab have acting up recently. It might not be the reason but just so you know :slight_smile:

can you check to see if it is the reason?

I am on mobile currently, but I will soon.


Can you check soon?

It’s because the game see’s 0 coins at the start of the level, and because the Save resets on every start. When the Save goes to the “set” and “In” on the Number block, the number doesnt set before it ouputs.

To fix this, you could either once to Save going to “+” only OR
go to “set” and to the Label block like below.


what do you mean by start the Save going to “+”?

Save to (+) Number Block


I chose to do the second option and i don’t think it is working

Oh I see, its because your resetting it the Save elsewhere also.
Just delete this and the Once block in the second image.


Delete the Once block thats highlighted:

ok it works now thank you!

i think i accidentally deleted something and it doesn’t work

It works for me, but it does reset whenever you die.

i think i messed up the stick shooting part. i could shoot sticks forever.

It needs to go into “In” and not “Set”

Add the white cable and Delete the orange cable:

oh it works but is there a way to make it so the number won’t go down anymore

because the number goes below 0

Use the switch:

thank you