saving the amount of coins

I want to have the amount of coins i have in level 1 and start with that many coins in level 2

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 9.33.52 AM

Make sure to name the save.

did i do something wrong, it says that there is a infinite loop

Yep, @meburningslime sent a infinite loop.
Just delete the wire from “done” to “in”.

It just needs to be “done” to “set”,
you can also use Save block to Label block.

that saves it when in the first level, but i have to press something for it to show in the second level. is there something that can be done to make it automatic?

Look in my example above. The once trigger does that.

so i do what you did?

Yeah, here’s an easier to see view of what is in his example.
You can have several of the Same Save blocks, so you can “Save” and “Load” separately without making a loop.

ok thank you for the help

also can i ask a question that is kind of related to this


Wow so you totally just stole my example @“JR 01”. I knew you disliked me but this crosses the line.

Because it IS your example @meburningslime.
I just said “here’s an easier to see view of what is in his example”

sorry about answering late, my other question is is there a way to disable shooting sticks if I have no coins?

You could use another save to see if you have 0 coins and turn off a switch.

ok thank you

did I do something wrong? because i now can’t shoot sticks in level 2(boss)

why can’t i shoot sticks in the boss level(2)