SB3: WAR EVENT! [Red wins!]


How to participate:
-go to event page, select team
-Play classic mode and play as best as you can.
-once done, go back to the event page on the title screen
-your points will be given to your team
-highest score by the end of July wins!!
[spoiler] I cant say Im expecting this to work, but lets try?[/spoiler]

But what if everyone chooses the same team?


Yeah if everyone selects the same team, then that kinda defeats the purpose. For that reason I strongly encourage you to try to keep things balanced

Is this online? Like, you could play with others who are playing?

No, its all still single player, but your performance goes towards your teams score, which is multiplayer I guess?

HOWEVER- I am having some technical difficulties. For some reason nobody is connecting

looks like were off!!

Player listing (To my knowledge)

Red: PixelPizza, Myself
Blue: JR-01, Mhx Air


It worked for a while. CBG made a global scoreboard. We were so close to perfection.

It survived for while. We don’t really understand why it stopped working.

You guys can still try. It’s still on. And the more people test it, the more we learn.

DAY 1:

Red - 27,615

Blue - 61,095

Blue is in the lead, but by not much!
Feel free to join us!

Temporarily, the sever will be down, but soon itll be back!

I’m blue.


How did you make a server? Do you have a server tab open on your computer 24/7? Does that actually work? If so I am unbelievably impressed, how much work did it take to do that? This might just open up a ton of new options for games.

Also, small flaw in SB3, on the loading screen if you move your mouse into the right place your highscore shows up because you touched the button while it was covered up.

@“my_name (<_>)”

Basically you hit the nail on the head.

Someone holds the multiplayer game open, preserving the score, and everyone else is able to join the game whenever and add to said score. The score locks when the deadline is reached. (SB3 has access to the time and date)

The problem is: I cant find anyone to hold the game open (I dont have a way to access flowlab without using puffin, and multiplayer doesnt work with that browser)

So Day 2 hasnt been done yet, but theres a good chance that the scores as they stand are final, unless someone volunteers to open the game and leave it on for a while

and the sever is up and running
get to it!

The server is now down, and the event is finished.

Final score:
Red: 138,830
Blue: 61,095


The next time you go to the event page, you will receive your reward!