SBF is currently receiving its final mode

Well, it’s truly been a journey, and a tough one at that. Let’s go ahead and cut to the chase. Starblast Finale/Retro Wars is getting its final game mode, I am currently working on it, but it is accessible from the menu right now, just keep in mind it is still WIP.

UNLIKE the last 3 modes, I will be leaving it unlocked for fellow site-dwellers to play, so even if you don’t own the offline copy: Sit down, relax, and have fun. The end is near.

As per usual, you can reach the game here: Flowlab Game Creator - Starblast Finale


Alright, it’s done, but just needs some music tracks. As for how the mode works, it has its own rules for spawning:

A spawn cycle happens every 2 seconds outside of frenzy, with the overall speed being 30. However, when frenzy mode triggers, the spawn rate cuts down into two spawn cycles every second, with the speed rate being 40.

In order to trigger frenzy mode, one has to go for about 20 seconds or so untouched, in order to fill the frenzy meter, which is placed where the bomb UI usually sits.

Frenzy mode has the following changes: the speed increase and difficulty spike as mentioned before, a VERY obvious graphical change, multiplier being treated as itself times 3 (although this is not shown).

Getting hit will empty your frenzy meter and disable frenzy mode, if you were in it.

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I haven’t been on my computer yet, has the steam starblast been updated yet?

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It has not, as I want to avoid uploading versions that don’t have licensed placeholder tracks


one of the best games ive seen in flowlab



I went ahead and made this frenzy meter.