SCP: World's End (Alpha)

I did

oh thats u

add the scp the cure if you add an infection type mode @meburningslime

I will, is that you @glithctyrus

To be clear, Infection will not be a game mode.
However, 049, 018 and 049-2/018/2 will be in the game, and therefore, if you are purely evil, you can make your allies run for their lives.

scp 049 is ‘the cure’ @meburningslime

Technically his actions are…

but add some type of infection. with scp 49… which would turn their character into scp 49 - 1 and all other scps would become friendly to the scp 49 - 1 players. but theses 49 - 1 players will be infectous to other players and wont be able to use guns or keycard and ect.
maxresdefault (3) oh and for scp 96, i think when he sees you he spins around for atleast a minute and when done he becomes a terror to the world

I know, I planned all that. The problem is implementing it.
My goal for today is to add a gun and at least 2 new SCPs.

ah yes I believe jacksepticeye played it not to long ago
and markiplier played it sometime in 2018

seamoth markiplier played it 6 years ago in the alpha version…

By the way, I have run into some difficulty. Does anyone know how to make the level NOT restart every time a player dies?
@“JR 01” @Latif @“The Kodex”


I wonder what game I’m thinking about?

There are tons of scp games, maybe you are thinking of Blackout.
By the way, I have run into a problem. I don’t know why, but the animation that is supposed to happen after the MTF shouts “Stop” on the main menu isn’t owrking. Anyone help?
Oh nevermind I just refreshed and it worked LOL

SCP 096 Added.
Should I work on 049, 018, a pocket dimension or a different SCP?

MP5 Weapon Added.
Third iteration of main menu added.
Fixed Barreta.

Mosin added.


And maybe add what i talked about earlier with scp 49 - 1 infection

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I have planned this for five years…
Notice: Please do not cheat or you will ruin everything.
I have hidden code in my game for as long as I have played. If you want to try to unravel the mystery, start at SCP:World’s End.
Do not cheat and hit esc. There are secrets in the game that will tell you what you need to know to continue.
If you accept, let me know.
I havent made the ending yet, so do not yell at me for it, I am working on it.


Will you accept the challenge?