SCP: World's End (Alpha)

Hello, I am meburningslimes, long-time loyal follower of @grazer and builder of Galaxy Trek and a Terraria remake. I have begun to make an SCP game, if you haven’t heard of SCP there is a brief description and a link. I reccommend you play SCP:CB if you are still interested.
I would love some advice, better scripting options, and graphics designers for this! If you have any reccommendations or SCPs you would like to see, let me know!

Pistol added.

Shotgun Addded.

@meburningslime Could you put al link to the game?

fuzzy mice added. :slight_smile:


the game is cool and all but… i have 3 ideas

1 is there a way to make a disply for usernames


3 A Randimizor to be staff such as scientist and guards and mtf or choas insurgency


press w and q for classes, shift for sprint, and im working on usernames and 096.\
That was me btw lol :slight_smile:


Rejoin, I want to show you 106

hay plus add an infection type gamemode with an infection scp such as 718 or some disease scp

cool scp 106. could you add an ingame chat

So far there is no way to do that, but I can do emojis

well in theory there is a way. but really hard a guess

but it would have to be like if you pressed t it enabled chat mode typing would create new text wich were letters arranging them in a sentence and putting it were everyone can see

make it so theres a filter that changes the color of the keycard just for fun

There is, it filters to the highest level you are at


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