Screen Cuts off

I set the size for the game, but when I play the game the game screen is less than the dimensions I set, and less than the preview while editing.
Setting up a camera doesn’t solve the problem. The window I set for the max of the camera is cut off in the same way. I tried to increase the screen size and the camera max and min, but I can’t change the bottom of the camera setting so I just get more of the area below the ground.

Could you please send me your game as a link? I might know whats wrong. This could be the PC/Computer you are using so please send a link.

@MrB - what is your browser zoom setting currently?

but there is something wrong with my computer where if it is at 100% it is way zoomed in so it might just be me


it is not his computer I have the same problem and so does someone else I know

Does resetting your browser zoom to 100% help?

It’s strange.
When I am in the behaviours screen and play the game, everything is fine.
It is only when I try to play it in the normal player.

In the player:
in player

In the editor:
in editor

Previewing in the behaviours screen:
in behaviours

This happens to me too! And @grazer did give me a pretty solid reason why. Do you have a Chromebook? Perhaps an Acer?

@browngr yes I do have a chromebook! why?

it worked before but now it is messed up!

is there any way at all it can be fixed?

Well, if it happens to you too, here’s why: Chromebooks have a different framing layout, which causes our games to cut off. Grazer says he’s been working on it, so give it time.

oh ok

Hi, I’ve been having this exact problem with a macbook air. Any advice? It happens not just with my games, but when I try to load my students’ games as well.