Screen Wrap Example + Asteroids Remake

Hey, gang!

Just wanted to share a little example on how to have an object screen wrap. In other words, when they go off of one side of the screen then they return on the other side. This could help for space shooters or could just be a fun mechanic to mess around with. I made a simple bundle to use for it as well. Check it out here:

I also remade a game that uses this mechanic: Asteroids! It’s not perfect and it doesn’t have everything the original game had but it’s relatively complete and functional. I also took this as an opportunity to experiment with vector images rather that low resolution pixel art, just like how the original had it. Check out the game here:

Hope you enjoy and all feedback is appreciated!


This is cool! I bet using the inscreen trigger you could simplify this and make it usable in all games


If you know how to do that I’d love to know but I think the screen’s width and height is vital to the system.