scrolling words & sentences like star wars intros ? pls hlp

i want to make the text move down the screen from the top telling a short story , would i have to just type something up on microsoft word and make it move down with velocity or is there a flowlab way i can use so i can use the GUI on here instead ?

I havent found any way to move GUI text. Maybe you could make an update request for that though.
for now I would suggest just using velocity on an actual object.

update: nevermind you can move GUI text

@probablydon I would recommend using to make text using their text editor tool and importing it!

Use the “Y” Input on the Text Behaviour.
You can use it to move the text around the screen, more specifically moving up and down (like star wars).

@PixelPizza I comepletely forgot that there was x and y inputs on the label block

@PixelPizza can you show me an example i tried but i cant

Use the backround and make words with the edit sprite and use the camera to slow down acordingly, it might be wise to use a timer aswell, it saves time and objects