Hello, so I found a game that I think is a secret from grazer. If you notice, the number of plays on the game seems stuck at one time. It’s a game link. Now, the game it sends you to may seem like someone’s first level, but if you look in the code, it’s completely aletered. For one, the move script is NOT a behaviour pack, and there is a random “right” block on a block.
Try it yourself…

I think you have the wrong idea…

  1. Its not from Grazer, so its not a “secret Grazer game”
  2. The play counter works
  3. Must be very old if the number is 3241
  4. Its looks like someone was playing around or “testing” things.

Nothings really altered and they used the run and jump bundle (which didn’t have bundles back then and is why it isn’t in a bundle) and changed the jump to also right, which surprisingly can really change a game by changing 1 thing in the controls.

It looks like someone new made an account, tied a few things in Flowlab and left.

Or grazer made it…
Explain then why the play counter i stuck at that, while everything else works.

Look at 1 and 2

The play counter from the game menu is frozen, and grazer literally has access to infinite accounts. I’m not saying it’s likely, but it is possible.

Its not frozen, it increases every time I reload the URL. It had 287 and I just reloaded it and it now has 288.