[secret thing that will be revealed april 1]

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Great :grinning: That’s the day of my Dad and Step-Mom’s wedding (Lots to look forward to)


(Also liek video)

If you’re looking forward to it, then I’m excited for you! Have fun lol. (And double-check your toothpaste lol)

What’s funny is I can tell you’re going to play the April Fools card on them.

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I am suspicious on that, too. I have a feeling this is an April Fools prank. :smirk:

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Knowing meburningslime…

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Can’t wait lol hehehehehe…


Well, I’m apart of this group and I can vouch that its not really much of a prank game, just coincidental that it’s on april first.


Well, I can’t trust anyone when it comes to April 1st, maybe you’re in on it.

I will trust you when I see the game.

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Lol, or I could just rickroll all of you…


Just one day left…

I would like to say that some of you will be randomly selected for a deeper game…

I also have something set to be revealed on april 1st, but it probably won’t be as cool as meburningslime’s game. Mine is just a simple trailer, and I know its super coincidental that its on April first, but I promise it’s a trailer for a game that I’m currently making.

I can second that lol, he asked for music.

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I have to say, the SCP:SL Nuke Theme song worked very well for it, thanks for considering it. I might have to make an original song for the official trailer though, but so far it works pretty well.

No problem lol, I have too many songs memorized.

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Aha, the Pumpkin King returns!

  • ManiacPumpkin, master of E
  • ManiacPumpkin, pog
  • ManiacMeh
  • He’s an evil person (and I’m delusional)

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Yeah it’s like really late for me, just now trying to fall sleep, but figured I’d check my messages real quick, lol.