Sectional Animations

Let me put this in 3 sections (Mostly just to make it a little organized for @grazer ). 1 Why we need this: Have you ever hated when you making a game and you want an animation to play while your running and it plays but makes you slide? most solutions are to make the character freeze while doing it and resume movement after. Sectional Animation could fix this issue. 2 How this would work: In the editor you can select or designate certain chunks (chunk as in the resizer block size) to be animated for the animation meaning you could only have the leg animated by the Walk animation and the lets say Slash or Punch animation only effect the upper torso. 3 The wonderful effects of this feature: This would save many of flowlabs developers and would make animating alot more easier.

And now im going to go take a nap after writing pretty much an entire paragraph.


I never have an animation make the character slide, this is an issue with your hitbox or your animation priority. As well if you want to animate separate parts of an object, you can just attach another object with animations you want.


Well ya know, as a free user its nice to budget cut.

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Still do-able as seperate animations, works best if you use states to control the players actions and animations.

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