See how far you can get in my game!

I’ve ahqon thia game one other time… but i’d like to see how many coins/skins you can get.
The best skin i got was the 2000 coin one

Heres the link:
And coins have a save feature so yiu can come back to the game anytime

Good luck!

There is one bug that is really annoying me though-
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 7.44.02 PM
The blocks generate too high for me to jump. This happens a lot and makes it hard to play the game.
But other than that, amazing job! Super fun and really creative.


Yeah… Theres Not Much I Can Do To Fix That. Randomization Has Non Randomization Fixes And Thats Not As Fun.

when i try to walk it moves my a quarter of a block