Selective Wall

I would like to make a wall that lets everything pass through it except you (the object that the player controls). I don’t know if this is possible, but if it is, how would I do it?

You could make it when the player touches the wall, it sets the velocity of the player to 0.

Collision [Wall] ----- Number [0] ------ Velocity [forward]

I tried that, but if you just try to go forward again without backing up you can still go through it

It’s very easy to make in GameMaker…

In my game (flowlab), there’s a door for player 1 and player 2. So they can open its own door. The door opens if you hit it. And it closes automatically. But there is one problem. If player 1 opens the door, player 2 can go in too. If you’re fast…

Do you want like this?

it might help if I showed you my game
so on levels 3 and 4 as you can see, you and the fish can go off the screen, but I got complaints about how you can’t see yourself when you do that and it can make you die, so I was wondering if I could make a barrier of some sort that would let the fish through, but not you