Semi Solid Platforms

Does anybody know if it’s possible to make semi-solid platforms? I saw an example by @“JR 01” but I was wondering if anybody else could help out.

Speaking of which, going back to it now I just made some new platforms (Sky Blue and violet) that would work way better for any situation.

I recommend trying it out now if something wasn’t what you were looking for before;

If your just wondering if someone else have made or could help,
one of the early platform designs I did was first done by @ Biscuit Butter

Update: With the new designs of the new platforms, I made a new level without the old designs because of their limitations.

@“JR 01” , what have I done wrong?
Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 7.40.11 PM

The numbers were originally 0, they just needed to be updated. I looked at the way the system works, and saw that it was tracking the player. (=

Your expressions are backwards.
A-32 needs to go in the ‘value’ of the filter
and the A-14 goes to the ‘in’.

The expressions represents the size of the character and the platform distant.
(This Y - character size) | (character Y - platform distant)

So for you, Expression is best when top is (A-116) and bottom with (A-14).

Thank you! =D