There should be a trigger where it puts a cone like “field of view” on the front of the block. This could be used in live enemies, snipers, cameras, etc. Along with noise detection (it detects noises emitted from a block in a radius)This would put in use for a proper ‘sneak’ function in games. So with these it could make it feel like the enemies are more keened into their surroundings. Also you could ad light detection and light emitting. The light could be used in like flashlights, lamps, torches, etc. You could change blocks to emit lights in the behaviors (so you can toggle them) and you could change the strength of the lights, and the overall darkness of the level in the level settings.

This kinda already exists…

It’s under “proximity” and triggers when a certain type of object comes within range

Yeah but most people don’t have eyes on all sides of their bodies.

hmmm, I’ll try to come up with a behavior rig for you.

What about a starting degree and an ending degree in the circle. Like it starts at 90 and ends at 180 then you have a quarter circle (reversed (180 and 90) will do the same). There are also inputs to change it.