Serious glitches and bugs on IOS iPad

I know the flowjam is going on and I wanted to work on it some at school, since I have a lot of free time recently, but when I do the sprite editor bugs out so much. Which this doesn’t happen at all with other devices, but on my school iPad I can’t hardly work on anything.

Some glitches and bugs include:

  • Deleting and replacing color when using the fill tool
  • Browser crashing and deleting progress
  • Randomly deleting the entire sprite
    (Which when this happens I’m forced to reload the page or close the tab so my progress doesn’t save as the sprite being deleted)
  • When working on an object with animations, it deletes all animations attached to said object.
  • Sometimes the game doesn’t even load the sprites in (Even if I worked on them on a separate device.)

And there are many more bugs I’ve noticed but failed to list. This all only happens on my iPad and I think it might generally be a browser issue, but I’ve tried working on this on Safari and google and I think I got pretty similar results.

@grazer I have a short 5 minute video of me literally encounter half of these in a single turn and although you might be able to reproduce these bugs, but sure enough they happen to me every 30 seconds or something. I would send the video, but the forums don’t support raw film like that so it might have to be by email or by discord later when I get home.

A solution is to probably bring my home computer to school, but I don’t need the extra bulk or weight in my bag and I’m not allowed to use it in half of my classes. I know this isn’t much of an issue since I can still work on my game at home, but making sprites is such a serious pain and although I haven’t seen any issues regarding code yet, but it has happened before where switches or specific stuff don’t load right.

This happened a while back ago, at least a month and completely destroyed my tower defense game which is why I kinda quit flowlab for a bit and now that I know how to prevent some specific issues, it still corrupts any sprite I open in the editor and I don’t want to accidentally delete half by game just by opening up the sprite editor.

Although I don’t know if its some security thing my school has on the iPad, the internet, or just a browser issue, but I would great fully appreciate if there was some sort of patch that could be used to solve these issues. Like I said before, these might not even be a flowlab issue and on my school’s poor choice. But I figured I would say something to make sure.


My guess is to just stop using the school iPad. These bugs were probably intentionally planted on the school devices to punish Flowlab users who dare to make games at school.


I’m the only one who uses it at my school so they don’t have a reason to bug out the website for it.

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It’s just a theory

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Let’s be honest, all school devices kinda suck, lol.

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Not my tech class PCs. They unfortunately don’t have any sound.

Why? That’s kinda sad for a good pc.

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Idk maybe they just don’t want to disturb people