** Server updates in progress - Sorry for any instability **

Due to increased traffic, I’m making some server updates that may cause some stability issues tonight. If you have issues, try waiting a few minutes and reloading. Sorry for any inconvenience.

No problem, thanks for the updates :slight_smile:

I noticed this. I occasionally get a message that the website is under heavy load when loading a page.

yeah, same, when I am at school it takes like 10 minutes for me to even get to the “my games” page. Takes even longer (becuse of crappy PCs) to get the game to boot up.

@grazer Just wanted to inform you about a very, very, important raycasting issue, I’ve just sent an email about it, but it’s confirmed to affect games as notable as The Graveyard, and is also disallowing me to finish my project as it heavily relies on raycasting. Again I sent a few emails spanning across a few weeks to no response, but those are completely irrelevant as this problem is pretty bad. Thanks, hoping this gets acknowledged soon.

@Latif3 Either way its affecting many games that use raycast. Cant finish my project.

Just a major bug report, Im sure theres a ton of games that make use of raycast out there.

No, RayCast doesn’t affect The Graveyard because it doesn’t make use of it. Raycast was implemented after The Graveyard has been made.

Hey @PixelStudios - I have a fix ready to deploy for the raycast bug. Thanks for reporting it and following up. I have a lot of testing to do before I can safely deploy again, but this bug will be fixed in the next release.

@grazer That is a huge relief to hear, thank you so much.

Grazer y u so slow

I agree with @Latif3 I’m waiting for bug fixes

@latif2 Waiting for @Latif4 and @latif5

Lmao don’t forget @“Vintage Latif”