Servers or database feature

It would be cool if there was a data server where you could see all of the data. For example, adding a player when they join and when they leave they would be deleted from the server or you could store data of coins that players have collected in the game.

It’s like a Trello list, updating constantly with usernames and data of coins or skins or whatever you want. And only the owner or one of the teammates of the developer team could see the servers and maybe they could change the value of coins of the players online or they have full control of what the players are doing, lol. And if the game is not multiplayer you could make a database where you could see all coins and data from every player from every computer. Or a database where there are thousands of servers created by people and the owner would have the power to shut-down all of the servers maybe because there is an update that the player needs to reload their browser or something.

Meanwhile, we could use this server or database feature to make a leaderboard in if the GUI is advanced enough.

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If I am giving you too many features or stress let me know. Then I could slow-down a bit with the features.

So pretty much like advanced leader boards

@GrimProductionZ, Also multiplayer server or multiple servers where the owner has access to and databases where coins or skins are stored or whatever you want.


Please add this @grazer.

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This Sounds Like A Great Feature!

Thanks, @pixelknife31.

Yeah pretty much advanced leader boards like a said. I play Minecraft and work with commands and the leader board command can handle all of that so that’s what I’m referring too btw.

It sounds like you are asking for this feature:

With a few more details.

Anyway, I don’t mind folks asking for features as long as they get their own thread where they can be discussed, so ask away. I like hearing from the community about where things are falling short - it helps me to understand where I should be focusing


@grazer, Thanks, But is it also going to be possible if the owner of the game could see the server like a constant updating trello list and also change it or the value. And also is it going to be possible to save a server to a server so there are multiple servers where a player could create a server for their friends, lol. Like a server create behavior.