Shattering like Glass

Hey again flowlabrothers, I have another request that would make some codes a lot easier, shattering, my idea is that: we coded once for shatter and the object exploded like glass,If you had this in flowlab, some codes would be much easier, I doubt that this code will ever get off the ground, and grazer will actually put it in the engine But if this post makes any difference I would be very happy, although coding an object that splits would be a lot more work


This is unlikely to be put into the engine, but if it is, it will facilitate the code of several people who have already had the same problem and given up


it would need more inputs and settings such as particle amount, speed, and angle of cuts


Yes, I know but I didn’t know what to put in the input or output so I just left “in” and “out”


So basically a particle system? Would be sick.

We begged for shaders for YEARS, and finally got them. So this could be similar.

Currently all the prioritized updates are on the UI and systems, and has been for 1.5 years or so now. Which is awesome, we definitely needed it (the art editor was trash before the new one).


Maybe effect would be a better name for it. So you could have shatter and others to choose from.


Nah because I think a particle system (not behavior) would be better to implement


I think that programming this yourself is a better option.

In most of my games, when something dies, it spawns “shard objects” that drift outwards. This is great, because I can customize everything, like:
-how fast should the parts move? should they be random in speed?
-how fast should they rotate? should they have a chance to rotate somewhere else?
-should the pieces be affected by gravity?
etc etc etc.

I have made a lot of particle effects in my time on flowlab, and I think that learning how to do them is miles better than simplified feature, because you’re given more control.

as an example, here’s how I create a shatter death effect for enemies in universal crumble :slight_smile:


In fact, I was just stupid when making the drawing, because I needed to put more things like speed, a rotation option, and other things, I just put “in” in place of the last options,Again it was a bad explanation