Shield system

Hey, does flowlabs systems allow one to create a shield system i am working on a top down zelda like game and was wondering if it were possible to create a working shield you can pull up

If you have a health bar, you can make an object which gives you health when you are on full health, and it will give you extra health, giving a kind of health boost that you can’t see, that to me, was kind of like an armour boost. You can also make a shield sprite that is bigger than the player and use an attacher block linked to a keyboard block.

Hook the health up to a switch and have the shield set it to off, then, hook the shield up to a NOR gate that turns it on.
But, if you don’t want it to block health loss completely, make it so that the damage done is less when the shield is up, use the NOR gate to restore it.

You could have a literal shield object or make it where you don’t get hit on the direction that you have your shield out (4 collisions for each side with switches).